Rental Credit Reporting

Triple Bureau Rental Credit Reporting & and Cash Savings on The Things You Already Love.

We work with a full-service data solutions provider specializing in residential rental credit reporting. Using their innovative credit reporting software system we convert your data into the Metro 2 format for reporting to all four major credit bureaus. 

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Low Monthly Fee

For as little as $5 per week, Maplewood PMG, Inc and it’s partner Surety PM, LLC will use state-of theart software to report up to 6 months of rental history.

100% of Credit Bureaus

Most rental credit reporting companies will submit to just Trans Union. We deliver reports to all 4 of the major ones.

Security & Fraud Protection

Your privacy is of the utmost importance to us, and is never shared without your permission.

Low Setup Fee

Unlike other programs that charge as much as $350 for credit reporting setup fees, we work hard at keeping the cost of setup below $50 dollars.

Bonus Resources

As a client, we will provide you with free tools and resources to help you improve your credit score and home-buying potential.

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What qualifies Maplewood PMG to report my rental credit?

Maplewood PMG and its partners each went through a credentialing process. Each tenants payment is recorded in Tenantcloud before the data is loaded into the credit bureau database. This process includes providing documentation to verify our company as well as signing a Data Furnisher’s agreement with our source partner. With over 15 years of experience in the credit reporting industry, our team will work with the credit bureaus to make sure they have everything they need in order to proceed the report.

How are rent payments converted to Rental 1 format?

The Rental 1 Format is the standard format used by Trans Union for accepting resident credit data into their consumer credit database. In order to report to them directly we must convert your data in the Rental 1 Format.

3rd-party credit reporting software service allows Maplewood to use Quickbooks and TenantCloud accounting system to generate the core information required for reporting. The information is then converted into the Rental 1 Format for monthly reporting to the credit bureaus. There’s no need for a separate software package with our service, just a simple, easy-to-use template with the required fields for reporting.